Steps to Become a CyberAware Volunteer

Choose one, or more, of the CyberAware teams you want to volunteer for. Make sure you read over the description of what each volunteer for their specific team's role is so you choose the team(s) best fit for you! 

2. Sign Up

Complete the specific registration form for the team you would like to volunteer for. 

3. Receive Your First Assignment From Your Team Leader

Once your volunteer registration has been received and processed, we will send a welcome message informing you how to join the correct group to receive assignments to work on for service hours within 10 days. Familiarize yourself with your team leader because they will help and lead you through everything! 

4. Submit Hours For Approval

After finishing your volunteer work, submit everything as instructed. Then, request your hours as noted to be approved by your team head! 

Newsletter/Social Media Presence

Create a newsletter/or social media page where you spread awareness about cybersecurity!!


Give out at least 1 presentation a month to a school, senior center, or any other place you choose! WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A PRESENTATION!

Personal initiatives

Don't like any of the ideas here? Come up with your own idea to spread the word about cybersecurity! Fill out the application and describe what idea you have in mind and our team will respond back to you with our final decision.